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Message in a Bottle


I find it hard to promote myself.

I consider myself having a rather average story full of melancholy, misery and memes. I don't think I'll ever be able to believe the wonderful things people have said and continue to say about me.

It keeps me honest.

Regardless of how I feel about what people say, you can find some testimonials below that relate to my speaking engagements at various firms, my blog posts and other work over the years since I started speaking openly about living with depression and being suicidal.

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Addleshaw Goddard

I have just read your talk and am blown away by your bravery. For someone who doesn’t suffer depression you have managed to explain it so clearly - I now understand a little and it sounds terrifying but so so important to share. And thank you. Truly inspiring.

Georgina (Addleshaw Goddard)

Thrive Law

So candid and so difficult to be so open especially as a man in a professional capacity. You are remarkable and will have helped more people than you know with your authentic honest account of your own experience. Thank you.

Jodie (Thrive Law)


Thank you for sharing your story. Your bravery is inspiring.

Caroline (KPMG)


Just read your article. I have been through a similar thing so can fully understand and sympathise although am not as brave as you to go public on it beyond a trusted circle so have huge respect for you for what you have been through and putting yourself out there.

Leon (PwC)

Squire Patton Boggs

It's truly our pleasure. We're looking forward to hearing from you in all our UK offices and supporting you in Breaking the Stigma. This is a serious subject and we're delighted to be working with you to spread the message. You're an inspiration!

Daniela (Squire Patton Boggs)

Barclays Bank

Today I had the pleasure of listening to you speak about breaking the stigma of mental health. It was so inspiring to hear your story and learn about how we create idealisms of who we should be or how we should act when working in a professional sector. Thank you so much for sharing with us and I hope we, as a group, can help pave the way for change regarding mental health.

Emily (Barclays Bank)


Hearing you talk about your experience of mental health resonated with a lot of our staff.

Hannah (RSM)


Just had a coffee together this morning, unaware of all this - to your absolute credit, sharing experiences and your own story can only go to help others, of whom there are many.

Chris (Clarion)

Simpson Associates

Your posts bring a raw honesty which is rarely seen on social media. Thank your for sharing and helping to both break the stigma and promote understanding.

Angeline (Simpson Associates)

Rudding Park

Just wanted to say that I think your articles are fantastic and that you are a courageous voice for many.

Anna (Rudding Park)

North Brewing Co

The personal and moving story was stand out for me. A real reminder of how important mental health is to us all, both personally and professionally. To have that partnered with practical tips and knowledge in one session was excellent.

Joanne (North Brewing Co)

Furnish & Fettle

Brave piece but please take some solace from the fact that what you are doing will help at least one person which means it's all worth it. It's easy to like an upbeat "isn't my life wonderful" post, but rest assured I'm sure more people will (sadly) resonate with yours.

Eleanor (Furnish & Fettle)

Bright. Brilliant. Fabulous.

I've just taken a look at your web page and am blown away by your journey. You've taken something very difficult and personal into the open and will inspire many. I'm now following your journey closely and hope many others will too. Vulnerability is so important. Well done and stick with it. You will be helping many individuals and businesses.

Joanne (Bright. Brilliant. Fabulous.)

Close Brothers

Powerful piece Andy, huge respect for continuing to speak out and sharing your journey with others who may share similar thoughts. Continue to break the stigma!

Matthew (Close Brothers)

Grant Thornton

Good for you for sharing this - hopefully it will help others. Takes real strength of character.

Adrian (Grant Thornton)

Axon Moore

I’ve just read your article - amazing! Very inspiring to read and hear your story and so many things I can relate too personally after a very difficult 2016/17 myself.

Joe (Axon Moore)

Hult Ashridge

Well done for putting your soul out there, you're doing great work!

Louisa (Hult Ashridge)

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