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Life is a Four-Letter Word

Life is a Four-Letter Word

Do you ever feel you're a fraud and about to be found out?

Do you feel an expectation to keep going and to be strong?

Do you ever think what it would be like to just... 'STOP'?


You're not alone, mental ill health impacts one in four people every year, and professionals in high-pressure, high-flying jobs are no different. Life is a Four-Letter Word is a mental health survival guide for professionals, from a Big Four accountant Andy Salkeld, who's struggled with depression, anxiety, stress and suicidal thoughts and learned a lot along the way.


Andy Salkeld always believed he would end his life. Life is a Four-Letter Word is a straight-talking, searingly honest, no bullsh*t, yet humour-filled account of what it’s like to suffer from depression, plan your suicide and then come back from the ‘edge’. Andy’s experiences gave him a new purpose -to help empower others living with mental health issues to speak out and seek help. 


Andy Salkeld is a chartered accountant, corporate financier, business intelligence specialist, finance director, investor and co-owner of multiple companies. But eighteen months ago he planned his own suicide – before a text from a friend saved his life. 


Written as if you’re face-to-face with Andy, the book explores how it feels to live with depression. With frequent interjections from his critical inner voice, he shares it all – his darkest thoughts, the powerful coping mechanisms that pulled him through and his inspiring attitude to life. He aims to show that however ‘successful’ your life looks, anyone can be affected by mental health issues and we are all equal. Andy reveals the simple things we can all do to help those experiencing mental health issues feel less alone.


Ranked #1 book for understanding and supporting mental health in the workplace by CEO Today.


All copies of Life is a Four-Letter Word purchased through this store will come signed by the author and contain a personal note.

  • Signed by the author

    You will likely be able to find copies of this book elsewhere and probably cheaper! What you get by purchasing directly from me (Andy Salkeld) is the knowledge that you are supporting me directly. As a thank you, I will personally sign and address each book and include a personal message to the buyer. I know it's not much, but it's my genuine and heartfelt way of saying "thank you".

  • Returns Policy

    As all books are signed and personalised with a message, I will not be able to offer a return or refund on any purchases. If the copy you receive is significantly damaged by the postal services, I will be able to provide a replacement.

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