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Dice & Bolter RTT Tournament Report

Something a little different than what I normally write here on my blog...

Life is more than work and work related activities. This is me sharing a bit more of my life in a way that is hopefully accessible and insightful, whilst also destigmatising talking about hobbies and past-times in a work context. I am happy with my personality, my hobbies and what I enjoy and love sharing them with the world. I hope someday more people will feel confident to share their lives more openly.


The Intro

This is going to be my first attempt at writing a tournament report for a Warhammer 40k event. I’ve never tried writing anything like this before, but since a few people have asked for it, it felt like a good opportunity to try something new.

Bit of background before we begin.

I’m going to the Goonhammer Open in Nottingham on 29 May with my local playgroup. I’ve never played a game outside our group of friends and never played in a competitive tournament for Warhammer 40k before. I wanted to overcome my social anxiety of meeting new people and experience what it’s like to play in an event before I play in a “higher stakes” event. I wanted to try and get all that nervous energy out of my system so that it doesn’t impact my play at the main event. I also wanted to see what the average skill of players is like as that’s a useful gauge to develop expectations of performance for events. I would like to believe I’m in the top half of players in our local playgroup, however with no context of where that fits into the wider competitive scene I could enter the Goonhammer Open with expectations that would be significantly different from what will happen on the day. I therefore looked around on BCP and saw a local RTT run by Dice & Bolter at Leodis Games about a week before the event. I signed up and started planning ahead of time.

The Army List

I’ve been playing Adepta Sororitas (Sisters) for about 13 months now. The 9th Ed book dropped and I dived in and gave myself to the Church. I started the army thinking that I wanted to make them look unique. I’m not a great painter but I love the modelling. As a ‘not-so-great painter’ I was scared of painting faces, so opted to remove that by replacing all the heads with faceless hoods that a friend 3D printed for me. My silly little project spiralled massively as I then decided I would use Nighthaunt models for some of the ‘less armoured’ units in the army. My Repentia are Bladeghiest Revenants and my Novitiates are Chainrasp Hordes. My modelling and painting aren’t perfect but the theme is pretty consistent throughout. The TableTop Titans discord has affectionately called them the ‘Spooky Sisters’ (and yes, the Battle Sanctum is called the Haunted House…).

Given the highly converted nature of the army, I checked in advance with Dice & Bolter (as I did with Goonhammer) to make sure they’re okay for use. Both organised said they were excellent, loved the conversion work and wanted to see them in person on the day. Little did I know this meant that my army was regularly being photographed and people would be walking up to my games all day and talking about how cool my army was and how unique it looked. This was a huge relief for me and made me feel good about all the work I’ve put in. There’s pictures on this website but I’ll try to throw a few into this article to break up the text.

The full army list is available at the end of this blog post, but I just wanted to take a bit of time to discuss some choices that are often debated amongst the Adepta Sororitas communities.

1. The Rapturous Blows Canoness – Many people are now swapping to Word of the Emperor. I think this is probably the “correct” choice as it allows you to engage on multiple fronts in a single turn with the Fight Last effect. Thing is, I’ve been playing Rapturous Blows for about 8 months now and I didn’t want to change my thought patterns in a new environment. This is a common technique people use in many settings to reduce the cognitive load; basically less thinking makes you more at ease. I may have made a “wrong” choice, but I made the decision knowing that it provided me benefits and sometimes these are things you need to do in life to just make things simpler.

2. The 3x6 Fast Attack Choices – This is a hotly contested past of the Battalion Force Org for Adepta Sororitas. RND is becoming a less favourable secondary given the screening potential of some of the larger footprint armies, however I like having it built into the list for those few games where it is very easy (see game 3). I opted for 1xSeraphim and 2xZephyrim. Sisters lack speed and having these mobile units to skirmish in certain areas and threaten things from afar is huge. With Miracle Dice (MD) providing guaranteed deep strike charges, I just love access to more units that force my opponent to play differently and to screen. I think I would like this to be 2x Seraphim and 1xZephyrim going forward, but I just don’t have them built or painted yet. I would keep them all as 6x for RND and for the output potential as it just dials up just a notch.

3. The Castigator – Armour of Contempt makes this look awful, but probably around 50% of the field isn’t Armour of Contempt. It’s the only piece of our toolkit outside Vahl that has >24” range and that’s incredibly important to utilise this piece correctly. I misplayed it in one game, but in general you should just play this to threaten out of position units and the nonsense your opponent has as they move up the board.

4. The 2x10 Retributors – I didn’t like these at first. I kept asking myself why am I putting 170pts into these bricks for ablative wounds (5 Retributors each and the Hospitaler). Then I realised my previous lists had 3 rhinos which are 80pts each and they fill a similar purpose in providing durability to one of our best assets. On certain boards and terrain layouts where 4 Multi Melta rets can have line of sight onto 2 objectives and then have 6 trailed back into cover with a feel no pain (see game 3 in particular) it is ridiculously efficient shooting. I wasn’t sold but after playing a few games and an event with them I’m now firmly on board.

5. Book of St Lucius + Indomitable Belief – I put these on my Superior instead of the Hospitaler. The reason for this is partly meta dependent and partly playstyle dependent. We’re about to go into a Nids / Knights meta where there could be a lot of T8 running round. I’m already heavily invested in my Repentia and having them wound on 4s rather than 5s is big. Certain terrain layouts also allow you to have the Superior behind cover near the middle whilst buffing Repentia skirmishing in the middle. Also, the Repentia are the unit that best utilises the Invuln benefit as Armour of Contempt means you need at least AP-4 or AP-5 depending on cover to push a normal battle sister beyond the invuln threshold from IB. Strangely I am quite an aggressive player, yet play the game like it’s chess with trading pieces, and this just buffs my trading pieces to a point where my opponent may need to commit just slightly more than they want to finish off the Repentia.

6. Litanies of Faith – It’s not in my list. Many people will call me a heretic for this, but I don’t see it as mandatory as others. Now that we need to punch up into Knights and Nids I want the +1 to Wound aura from the Repentia Superior to be more accessible that ever. Rerolling a miracle dice is great, and I can definitely see a place for it. Maybe it’s something I need to try. There’s also a thought that I could drop Chaplet of Sacrifice, but again, I think I need more testing to see how it plays out. I am rarely starved for MD and sometimes you get stinkers (looking at you ‘2’) and sometimes you get the god dice; you just adapt where you spend them accordingly.

The Venue

I arrived at Leodis Games about 20 minutes before the start of the event. As I arrived I was shocked to find out it’s in the same complex as where the archery shop (Aardvark Archery) I visited many years ago was located. I hung around outside and chatted to some of the other people waiting. Everyone was really nice and welcoming. I kept explaining that it was my first event and had no idea what to expect. Turns out many of the people there knew a couple of my older friends who I haven’t seen in many years due to Covid and other life situations. Again, a very small world!

The venue was well organised and already set up for the first round (excluding objective markers). The tables were spacious with room to decant armies on. It was a little awkward if you were playing on the inner tables rather than the outer (never came up for me) as walking round from one side to the other was not easily possible. There was loads of product available to purchase and a range of snacks and drinks to purchase. A strange thing to note, but relevant to some, the toilets were clean and well kept.

Dice & Bolter had provided lunch for us. It was various platters from Costco but it was so incredibly welcome. There’s not much time at these events and having them provide food and enable a swift turn around was just incredible. The trophies were high quality. The replica chainsword was impressive. The staff and tournament organisers were incredibly helpful throughout the day.

I will definitely be returning and would highly recommend it to anyone else looking to play Warhammer events in and around Leeds.

General Overview

I play Sisters as a trading army and approach it very much like a game of chess. My pawns lure out other pieces into traps and then slowly and surely trade up incrementally until there is nothing left. I knew the terrain layouts in advance and had a very clear plan on what I would take for secondaries ahead of time in most circumstances. I would recommend this to anyone playing in an event where time is important as it’ll make your setup much quicker.

Before each game I made a point to check my opponent knew what Sisters did in general, whether they knew how Miracle Dice worked and to tell them the basic “output” thresholds for my army. I also provided them with insight onto Assassinate and No Prisoner scores, but warned them that taking assassinate is a bit of a trap because Sisters characters are notoriously hard to kill due to all our shenanigans.

I’ve included a map of each game with a broad overview of what I did with my units. Pink arrows represent where my Repentia were focusing their assault. Purple represents where my Retributors (and often Vahl and the Castigator) were focusing their lanes of fire. Blue represents the other random nonsense in the army and where my deepstrikes using the Zephyrim and Seraphim occurred. I planned all these movements at the start of the game and rarely needed to deviate from the broad outline (except in game 2). Hopefully through sharing this you can see the thought process I was going through and understand a bit more about the decisions I made.

Round 1 – Tide of Conviction – Imperial Guard

Sisters typically struggle against indirect as they’re just T3 1W models. I’ve never played against Guard but I know their indirect wasn’t impacted by the new changes so I was wary.

This mission heavily favours going second, so my typical playstyle depends on first or second. I set up as if I was going first (the pessimist in me). If you go second, you play the waiting game and dive bomb your opponent’s objectives at the end of the game for the primary bonus. If you go first you need to get incredibly aggressive and start attacking their primary early to make up the deficit you are in at the start. However, as I’m against Guard, I know that I need to touch their tanks as quickly as possible to stop them shooting at me, so I was going to play as if I was going first even if I went second.

My secondaries were Raise the Banners, Leap of Faith and Stranglehold. My opponent took RND, Engage on All Fronts and Psychic Interrogation.

Banners is finer here as Guard are relatively slow and if he wants to steal my objective, I’ll be stealing his in return. Leap is just excellent. Strangehold could be risky, but I figured if I just pushed one flank hard and held my weaker objective for a few turns, I’d then be able to threaten his other objectives and score it in another form. I was aiming to put him on a 4 for primary every turn whilst I scored 8s for a few of them.

I deployed very defensively. All my Repentia, the rhino with novitiates and the castigator were in the small ruin to my left. The Retributors, Vahl, and some Sisters in the middle. Some Sisters and a squad of Zephyrim on the right. I had Seraphim and Zephyrim in deepstrike to force him to play honest with his tanks.

I went second (at this point I was fairly certain I’d already won because of how lopsided this mission is), used Carry Forth to reposition my rhino out of line of sight and gave him no real shots turn 1 apart from the indirect. His shooting phase was pretty average and very little died. His priority was killing my Rets, they tanked everything. My turn the Novitiates in the Rhino disembarked and charged his units on the left objective. All the Repentia moved up to the next ruin and the 4 lady squad also charged in to clear two screens. His right flank (my left) was now 1 Manticore, 1 Russ and 1 unit of Guard.

I brought down the Seraphim on the right side to double shoot and clear two units of guard and in combination with Zephyrim cleared all his infantry out on that flank. His Bullgryns were pushing my right objective, but they only reached it after I had crippled his left flank so the trade meant very little (and they were now exposed to 8 multi meltas).

The rest of the game played out much the same with me pushing the right flank incredibly hard. I used Miracle Dice to make a 12” charge with 8 Repentia who swung round and touched both the Russ and the Manticore turn 3. As they were in a corner they were wrapped and could never leave. Problem solved. I never really committed anything to my right flank, trying to bait my opponent out and into melta range. Sadly my Seraphim and Zephyrim just cleared the screens too quickly and they couldn’t really push up.

I won 97-44.

My opponent was excellent and this was a fantastic introduction to what competitive Warhammer can be like. Everything was discussed openly, our intent was declared in advance, mistakes were made and we just resolved them in a very calm and open manner. One thing I got in the habit of doing was asking my opponent whether I was a good opponent and good to play against. I believe in feedback culture and wanted to know if I was doing anything wrong. They said I had excellent rules knowledge and played like a natural competitive player, clearly articulating intent and warning of any potential ‘gotcha’ moments before they happened.

Round 2 – Tear Down Their Icons – Biel Tan Craftworld + Twilight Harlequins

I have played one game against Eldar. They’re a terrifying army and their speed is something Sisters cannot deal with easily. Luckily this wasn’t as tuned as the most ridiculous of Eldar lists so there was something to be said for that. However the Harlequins side was terrifying! Two big troupes and 2 big Skyweaver bike squads. This looked like a Harlequins army that added Eldar for Heavy Support (bright lances). My army only has 1 really good target for those bright lances, so that side of the army wouldn’t be hugely effective at least.

Approaching this I knew I was probably the underdog as the speed of my opponents army (and the no rerolls to hit against Skyweavers) would make it very challenging. I needed to play the secondary game well as my primary was probably getting obliterated by Skyweavers and troupes dive bombing my objectives.

I selected Raise the Banners, Strangehold and Leap of Faith. I opted for Banners instead of RND because I knew I would need the output of all my assets to be able to counterpunch hard. My opponent could screen me out with his vehicles, so RND would probably cap at an 8, so anything more than that would be bonus (I think I scored 11 in total on banners). Strangle and Leap are just consistent. Important to note here is that my opponent took Assassinate and Warp Ritual. Assassinate is often a trap against Sisters as our characters rarely die. I could deny him secondary just by hiding my characters (which is what I did). Warp Ritual is risky against Sisters due to the denies. I knew if I just killed his Psykers and used my deny strat I could limit his ability to score it. I knew this was going to be a close game no matter what and that I’d have to play very well and utilise all my assets correctly to be able to win.

I went first and made the most insane of plays with Carry Forth. I dumped the 2CP to shove a Repentia Rhino into his lines. The Repentia then tagged a Hornet and a Warlock on bike (and a Farseer on Bike on consolidating). His warlock on bike made all 8 saves (!!!) and I killed the Hornet, but I was now in his lines turn 1 and he needed to address the problem. I believe here my opponent made a misplay by staying in combat with my Repentia with his Farseer on Bike. His plan was clearly to mortal wound them off the board, but with random denies and my deny strat and the 5+++ on Repentia, staying in combat is risky. Throughout the psychic phase I think 2 MW went through so he ended up charging the Repentia with his 6 shining spears. Fight on Death and I killed the Farseer on Bike and the Shining Spears. My Castigator and Rhino died turn 1, which was a misplay on my part. I should have deployed the castigator further back. I sacrificed my 2 Crusaders for Strangelhold.

The trading war ensued and we kept haymakering each other.

My opponent committed his 2 squads of Skyweavers to my non-home objective and his non-home objective. Which tanked my primary for a turn losing me 4 points. This also allowed him to get shots into my Repentia before they could charge which is always devastating. However, because his army was more elite he had fewers useful units overall I was slowly ending up with more assets to just overcome him with volume. I was intentionally killing all his obsec units so I could leverage my Dogmata into the lategame to keep scoring Strangehold. Similarly I was always trying to get into his Psykers so I could deny him his seconadries.

There was a lot of rules questions for both of us about the other faction. It was clear my opponent was getting frustrated be me asking questions about things and he even had an angry outburst at one point. He had back pain from standing etc so it’s understandable, but it really made me anxious. This is something that put me off as a newer player and I think it’s something that people need to be aware of when trying to build a community and play group. It turns out many of my questions were justified as my opponent was still learning the codex and was more used to playing old Quins than new Quins and not all the rules lined up. Similarly there was a lot of uncertainty around the Psychic spells and how Miracle Dice worked for Leap of Faith. We both had our books available and could jump to it answer all questions as needed. After the game we spoke about it and apologised for asking all the questions. I think Round 2 at 3 Round event is where people will be most stressed. If you lose Round 1, you’re playing for fun. If you win Round 1 the results here determine whether you have a chance of winning, or you’ll be just playing for fun. I’ll be cautious of this in the future.

The most important final play was when his final Psyker (the warlock on bike that lived at the start) went to roll his final Warp Ritual. I rolled to deny and got the natural 6, denying him 5 victory points. I then charged in from behind cover and killed the Psyker stopping him ever scoring those 5 VPs. I have 1CP remaining should I not roll the natural 6, but it was a little too close to call.

This game was exceptionally close and finished 76-70. I was behind on primary by 4 but managed to deny him 9 on Assassinate and 5 on Warp Ritual. This is something I do at events and I’d recommend to others; look at the obsec available in your opponent’s army, look at the secondaries they’ve chosen and see how you can eliminate/mitigate those. If you can killed all the sources of a completing a secondary quickly, then you can swing a game massively into your favour even if you’re behind.

Also to note, not a single bomb was planted on this mission. I love this tertiary, but sometimes you just need to focus on the primary and secondaries.

Round 3 – Secure Missing Artefacts – Solar Watch Custodes

For references, the green circles represent roughly where the objective markers ended up after we moved them. In both instances our Priority Targets were the objectives at the bottom, both out in the open.

I’m in a fairly lucky position where two of my best friends play Custodes so I’m very aware of the matchup and the strengths and weaknesses of the army. Prior to the dataslate I’d say this matchup is almost unwinnable for Sisters as we heavily rely on rerolls and Custodes could just turn them off. Now that it’s once per game, it is much more manageable. Here my plan is very simple; Retributors sit at the back shooting onto the middle objective and the right hand objective and then just harass at the edges slowly eliminating assets.

For me, I find it very important to not move the first objective on this mission and instead to move the two in the middle. Moving the first objective sets the tone of the game and against an uncertain opponent you can catch them unaware. I am a more reactive player and like to know the tone my opponent is setting so that I can build a game plan accordingly. I won the roll and made my opponent move the first objective and as expected he moved his home objective back into the safety of his big L. This allowed me to move the other objective on his side of the board out into the open making it near impossible to defend (and bringing it in range of multi meltas from my home ruin) and also allowed me to move the objective at the top left so that it could be held from behind my small double height L.

With giving your opponent the ability to move first, there is a risk that they moves the top left objective further away from my deployment zone and nominate it as my priority, but because of the terrain layout, what I do here is move my home objective north towards it and moves their home objective towards me and into melta range (mirroring the bottom). You essentially force the game to be played along the north board edge instead of the south board edge in this case. I took a risk and it paid off, but it’s okay to move the first objective, choosing the top left objective and moving it into your deployment zone. Again, play style and player preference here!

I picked Leap of Faith, RND and Assassinate (my opponent had 4 characters). I don’t like taking Strangehold against Custodes as if they just roll their 4++ then you can sometimes miss it. I wanted to minimise interaction as much as possible. RND and Assassinate both incentivise my opponent to stay away from me and if they do that then I win the primary game as my assets trade into them so efficiency. Assassinate is risky here and the least preferable option, but knowing I could get 13 on that and just needed to hold 1-2 of my hammers back so I could delete any characters who came close was a fair trade. My opponent picked Strangehold, No Prisoners and Auric Exemplar (?). Basically he needed to come and kill my entire army and Vahl to score well. My opponent redeployed his bikes to the midpoint on the line along the top board edge to threaten my battle sisters holding the point. Because he didn’t have advance and charge he wouldn’t be able to engage them turn 1 which gave me time to respond thankfully!

The game started and I was going first. He took stranglehold so I knew he needed to feed me assets each turn. I had no reason to step out from behind obscuring so I RNDed the top quarter where I had the fewest assets and just passed turn. If I had taken Stranglehold here I would have needed to feed him assets which could have given him charge distance which is extremely bad for me. Custodes are lethal (ish) in melee but their shooting is average into AoC Power Armour in Light Cover. I basically mulligan my first turn and force him to come out and play.

My opponent proceeded to stat-check me pushing his entire army forward but only exposing a few assets to my shooting. He has a few prosecutors touching the middle objective so I just place 10 novitiates on the point to take it through numbers but don’t initiate the charge (and because prosecutors were in the front his Custodian Guard can’t heroic into me). Again, I’m basically delaying combat as much as possible because it’s on him to come to me as the secondary game highly favours me and I should be able to keep up with him on primary. My turn 2 through 4 were devastating for my opponent. My retributors with Vahl rerolls kill 2 dreadnoughts, 6 Custodian Guard and seriously hurt a Telemon. A really good trick here to bait strats is to split fire the non-rerolling Retributors so see where any defensive strats are used, then dump the rerolling Retributors into the asset without the defensive strats. It’s really useful against armies with good defensive strats. Vahl, the Castigator and the two Zephyrim unit completely cripple his flank around his priority target. My Seraphim come down RND and flame his prosecutors then next turn steal his point and kill that asset. My opponent made the mistake of using Trajann’s heroic intervention to come into combat with 4 Repentia (only 4). I spent 1CP on 6s Auto Wound and 1CP on 6s to Wound do +1D and they picked him up through his 4++ 5+++. Last few turns of the game my opponent managed to make an 11” charge with his Telemon into Vahl who tanked it like a boss. Being able to 1CP reroll a save, 1CP modify a save and 1MD pass a save makes it so hard to kill Sister Characters. On my final turn I left my opponent with only 3 Custodian Guard alive and maxed all my secondaries and primaries.

I won the game with 94 victories Points, not dropping any points all game (other than having 2 secondaries that cap at 12).

It was a pretty brutal game from my opponent’s side. I think I lost a total of 30 models for no prisoners scoring (my novitiates and repentia). Main thing to take away here is to leverage your superior shooting into Custodes and just slowly but surely whittle down their assets.

The Conclusion

This was my first ever Warhammer 40k event. I had done undefeated and score 97, 76, 94. I hadn’t appreciated that battle points matter in such small events. I come from play card games where it often goes on strength of schedule (basically, did you play and beat opponents who also won most of their games etc). Here, me dropping 20ish points in game 2 cost me (a lot). From speaking to some of the other players, we calculated I would not be the lowest battle points of the 4 undefeated players so I was guaranteed third. When it came down to it I actually came second and only by 9 BP! If I could have scored some more points in game 2, maybe raising more banners, or not dropping 8 to 12 primary throughout the game, I could have squeaked into first place.

For a first event this was an excellent introduction to the competitive scene. The venue was great. The people were welcoming. The games were exciting and close. The armies were beautiful. If you’re a newer player to 40k and haven’t played in an event, I would highly recommend it, if only to break the cycle of playing within your playgroup and meeting new people.

Thank you to Leodis Games for hosting, for Dice & Bolter for organisation, for my three opponents who gave me incredibly interesting and close games, and for all the people who were just welcoming in general.

Wish me luck at the Goonhammer Open this coming week!


Andy Salkeld

just another guy

Army List

++ Battalion Detachment 0CP (Imperium - Adepta Sororitas) [107 PL,

++ 2,000pts, 8CP] ++

+ Configuration +

Battle Size [12CP]: 3. Strike Force (101-200 Total PL / 1001-2000 Points)

Detachment Command Cost

Order Convictions: Order: Bloody Rose

+ Stratagems +

Stratagem: Open the Reliquaries [-2CP]: 2x Additional Relics of the Ecclesiarchy

+ No Force Org Slot +

Hospitaller [3 PL, 50pts]

Repentia Superior [2 PL, 40pts, -1CP]: Relic: Book of St. Lucius, Stratagem: Saint in the Making, Warlord Trait: 5. Indomitable Belief (Aura)

+ HQ +

Canoness [4 PL, 90pts, -1CP]: Blessed Blade, Inferno pistol, Relic: Chaplet of Sacrifice, Stratagem: Saint in the Making, Warlord Trait: Blazing Ire . Rapturous Blows

Morvenn Vahl [14 PL, 280pts]: Warlord

+ Troops +

Battle Sister Squad [3 PL, 55pts]

. 4x Battle Sister: 4x Bolt pistol, 4x Boltgun, 4x Frag & Krak grenades . Sister Superior: Chainsword . . Bolt Pistol & Boltgun

Battle Sister Squad [3 PL, 55pts]

. 4x Battle Sister: 4x Bolt pistol, 4x Boltgun, 4x Frag & Krak grenades . Sister Superior: Chainsword . . Bolt Pistol & Boltgun

Sisters Novitiate Squad [4 PL, 75pts]

. Novitiate Superior

. . Bolt Pistol and Boltgun

. 9x Sister Novitiate (Melee Weapon): 9x Auto Pistol, 9x Frag & Krak grenades, 9x Novitiate Melee Weapons

+ Elites +

Crusaders [1 PL, 22pts]

. 2x Crusaders: 2x Power sword

Dogmata [4 PL, 65pts]: 2. Chorus of Spiritual Fortitude, 5. Verse of Holy Piety, Relic: The Sigil Ecclesiasticus

Sisters Repentia [6 PL, 112pts]

. 8x Sisters Repentia: 8x Penitent Eviscerator

Sisters Repentia [6 PL, 112pts]

. 8x Sisters Repentia: 8x Penitent Eviscerator

Sisters Repentia [3 PL, 56pts]

. 4x Sisters Repentia: 4x Penitent Eviscerator

+ Fast Attack +

Seraphim Squad [8 PL, 104pts]

. 3x Seraphim: 6x Bolt pistol, 3x Frag & Krak grenades . Seraphim Superior: Bolt pistol, Bolt pistol . Seraphim w/ Special Weapons: 2x Ministorum Hand Flamers . Seraphim w/ Special Weapons: 2x Ministorum Hand Flamers

Zephyrim Squad [8 PL, 107pts]

. 5x Zephyrim: 5x Bolt pistol, 5x Frag & Krak grenades, 5x Power sword . Zephyrim Superior: Bolt pistol, Zephyrim Pennant

Zephyrim Squad [8 PL, 107pts]

. 5x Zephyrim: 5x Bolt pistol, 5x Frag & Krak grenades, 5x Power sword . Zephyrim Superior: Bolt pistol, Zephyrim Pennant

+ Heavy Support +

Castigator [8 PL, 150pts]: Castigator autocannons

Retributor Squad [9 PL, 220pts]: 2x Armourium Cherub . 4x Retributor: 4x Bolt pistol, 4x Boltgun, 4x Frag & Krak grenades . Retributor Superior: Chainsword . . Bolt Pistol & Boltgun . Retributor w/ Heavy Weapon: Multi-melta . Retributor w/ Heavy Weapon: Multi-melta . Retributor w/ Heavy Weapon: Multi-melta . Retributor w/ Heavy Weapon: Multi-melta . Retributor w/ Simulacrum

Retributor Squad [9 PL, 220pts]: 2x Armourium Cherub . 4x Retributor: 4x Bolt pistol, 4x Boltgun, 4x Frag & Krak grenades . Retributor Superior: Chainsword . . Bolt Pistol & Boltgun . Retributor w/ Heavy Weapon: Multi-melta . Retributor w/ Heavy Weapon: Multi-melta . Retributor w/ Heavy Weapon: Multi-melta . Retributor w/ Heavy Weapon: Multi-melta . Retributor w/ Simulacrum

+ Dedicated Transport +

Sororitas Rhino [4 PL, 80pts]

++ Total: [107 PL, 8CP, 2,000pts] ++

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