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Break the Stigma


Breaking the Stigma is a summary of my life, journey and experiences up until my 'almost end'.

I was first asked to share my story on World Mental Health Day in 2018 by Zainah Kahn of Chakra Corporate. I thought very little of it at first. To me this is just my life and my experiences. It's a story. To others though, it helps them to understand that what they're feeling and experiencing is not at all uncommon and in fact happens every day to more people than care to admit.

I don't want this important message hidden away behind a pay wall or locked to just large organisations willing to pay me. There is a full recording of my talk below for those who would like to watch and all the slides and summaries of what I say to each of them are also available further down the page.

Whoever you are; whatever you are doing; however you are feeling; know that you're not alone.

Breaking the Stigma: Image
Breaking the Stigma: Video
Breaking the Stigma: Pro Gallery
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