Break the Stigma


Breaking the Stigma is a summary of my life, journey and experiences up until my 'almost end'.

I was first asked to share my story on World Mental Health Day in 2018 by Zainah Kahn of Chakra Corporate. I thought very little of it at first. To me this is just my life and my experiences. It's a story. To other though, it helps them to understand that what they're feeling and experiencing is not uncommon and in fact happens every day to more people than care to admit.

I don't want this important message hidden away behind a pay wall, or locked to just large organisations or specific events. There is a full recording of the talk below for those who would like to watch and all the slides and summaries of what I say to each of them are also available.

Whoever you are, whatever you are doing, however you are feeling, know that you're not alone in it.