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About Me

Many of us separate our lives into two parts; that of the professional working world and that of our personal home environment.


Research has shown that these two aspects of life, along with others, are interconnected and not independent.
Below you will find my dual-introduction, a format that has been adopted by countless organisations, showing you that there is more to each of us beyond our list of qualifications, accolades and accomplishments.

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Andrew Salkeld
Chartered Accountant, Psychologist and Transformational Leader

My background spanning corporate finance, business intelligence, and organizational psychology, stands me as a uniquely accomplished professional.


My journey began at PwC, where I honed my skills in corporate finance and accounting, working on mergers and acquisitions across the globe, and qualifying as a Chartered Accountant. Following this, I moved into accounting, strategy and intelligence within organisations, dedicating myself to the transformative power of business intelligence, data, and analytics.

My technical expertise lies in designing and implementing systems, processes and tools that empower leadership teams with timely, data-driven insights, enabling them to make informed decisions that drive business success. My extensive experience across various industries has culminated in my current roles as Founder and Director of Discover Place Promotion and Discover App, a growing tech company, and as Founder of Organisational & Behavioural Insights, a start-up organizational psychology consultancy.

I hold dual qualifications as a chartered accountant and as a psychologist, a combination that sets me apart in my ability to navigate the intricacies of both organisations, their systems and the human behaviour of the members within. With this unique perspective, I guide organisations  and their leaders through transformative processes, helping them unlock their full potential.

My academic achievements further solidify my expertise as a 'generalist' and 'fixer'; holding degrees in Mathematics with Physics, Financial Mathematics, and Psychology. I am a fellow of the ICAEW and a member of the BPS. I blend technical proficiency, psychological insight, and leadership acumen making me an invaluable asset to any organization seeking to achieve transformative growth.

Photo of Andy Salkeld



Underneath the façade of professionalism, lies the real me, just another geeky soul that has spent a lifetime grappling with ADHD, depressive tendencies and occasionally suicidal ideation

This changed forever when I openly shared my mental health journey with the world on World Mental Health Day 2018, attempting to break the stigma surrounding mental health in the workplace and to offer a glimmer of hope to those who might be lost in a labyrinth and struggling to tell their story.


Since that day, my story has been shared globally online and in person at various conferences and in my book "Life is a Four-Letter Word" where it has resonated with countless readers and listeners, proving that even in the depths of darkness, a spark of humanity can be ignited and can flourish once again.

My heart and passion lies in storytelling, music and creativity. I thrive amidst the chaos of fast paced, high energy, ska and pop punk music and allow my creativity to run wild as I design and develop murder mystery dinner party games for my friends. I often get lost in the pixelated worlds of video games or crafting 'beeps' and 'boops' on my LSDJ-powered GameBoy

All the time, whilst enjoying my hobbies and interests, I try to share my experience and create communities that are supportive of neurodivergent people like myself who may be struggling with the social anxieties of learning something new, being around new players or taking part competitively.

A geek with a touch of gloom; embracing imperfections and helping to connect others navigating similar challenges to myself. I may not have it all figured out, but I'm going to make a difference as myself, not as just a list of qualifications and accomplishments. 

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