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Headshot photograph of Andy Salkeld taken by Mark Hillyer of True North Photography
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Empowering voices...

...igniting transformation

Every story deserves to be woven, heard and celebrated.

To those grappling and struggling with their own transformational narrative, whether individual or organisational, know that there are pathways through the uncertainty, resources that can guide you out of the labyrinth and enlighten you with renewed purpose.

The complexities of personal growth or organisational transformation can seem vast, overwhelming and isolating. Know that you are not alone in your journey..

No one is ever truly alone.

Black and white signature for Andy Salkeld
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Life challenges us and in doing so we can transform. My own transformative journey empowers me to help others to achieve their potential and thrive.

A lightbulb in the shape of a head with a cog where the filament would be


I envision a world of human-organisational harmony, where people and organisations are symbiotic, growing and flourishing together.

A person holding a flag leading another person up steps


To bring my vision to life, I approach my life and my work holistically, bringing my full self and all my experiences to help tell transformative stories.

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